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Choosing The Right Glasses

Finding the right glasses for your face shape can seem challenging. You want to look your best and have the right frames for your vision. At Riviera Opticare, serving Mesa and Scottsdale, AZ, our team can help you sort through our large selection of frames to find the perfect pair for you. We can help you decide which shape, color, and style is right for you and your lifestyle. 


Choosing Eyeglasses

There are many benefits to using eyeglasses that you may want to consider. First of all, eyeglasses come in so many shapes, colors, and styles that you can select a pair or pairs to coordinate with different styles. They can become accessories. Our facility offers a variety of frames so that every patient can find the right pair. When choosing frames, there are several things to consider to find the right pair for your face.


Any glasses that you choose should be in proportion with the rest of your face. If your face has angular lines, glasses with curved shapes can soften them. The only exception is sunglasses, which tend to be larger to provide more coverage.


The actual shape of the glasses should contrast with your facial features.  If you have rounder facial features, look for eyeglasses that have angular features. This will complement any curved shapes of your face. 


This is where selecting eyeglasses gets fun! You can make a statement with the color of your eyeglasses. If you are looking for something more traditional, look for eyeglasses that complement the color and tone of your eyes, face, and hair. Bold glasses, like black glasses, tend to highlight and frame your eyes.

Face Shape

Choosing the right style of glasses to compliment your face can be tricky. There are a few rules of thumb to help guide you through the process. 

For any oval face with broad cheek bones and a narrow forehead, look for glasses that are thicker on the top or bottom. Butterfly shaped glasses or those with heavy top frames are perfect.

If your face is more heart shaped, rimless and aviator style eyeglasses will compliment your face shape. They are good for balancing a pointed chin with a broad forehead.

Glasses that have an angular or rectangular construction will provide the necessary contrast for round faces. They will not only lengthen the face, but if you use glasses with a contrasting nose bridge, it will also make your eyes look farther apart. 

For trapezoidal face shapes, cat eye glasses or half rims are perfect if your face is wider at the bottom. This will balance your whole look.

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At Riviera Opticare, serving Mesa and Scottsdale, AZ, we offer a variety of eyeglasses. This includes classic or trendy styles, different colors, and many shapes that work for men, women, and children. Our team will help you find the perfect eyeglasses to correct your vision and compliment your style. Call us today to schedule an appointment.


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  • My Internal Medicine Doctor recommended Dr. Susan Reckell for my eye care. After a very extensive first eye exam with the doctor, I spent time with the eye care specialist who did not rush me and helped me choose a great pair of glasses within my budget. Highly recommend.

    - Hughes, S. / Scottsdale, AZ
  • Love love love Riviera!!!!! I had the most fun experience ever for an eye exam and contact lens fitting....who knew? Been a customer for a few years and not going anywhere else!!!!!

    - Monahan, C. / Scottsdale, AZ
  • I've been going to Riviera for 15 years and wouldn't consider anywhere else. Great doctors, beautiful eyewear and knowledgeable opticians.

    - Dolinky, A. / Scottsdale, AZ
  • Dr. Reckell is amazing, the staff is amazing and the place is very up to date and wonderful! They have the latest and greatest technology. I am always impressed when I go in. :)

    - Colquhoun, A. / Gilbert, AZ
  • I have been going to Riviera Optic for my eye care and glasses needs for the last 15 years. There commitment towards client satisfaction has consistently exceeded expectations year after year. I always receive comments on my glasses about how great they look on me, I couldn't have done this without the help from their talented staff guiding me with frame selection.

    Show More - Dunlop, J. / Gilbert, AZ
  • I've always gone to big box eye care centers. Not anymore, the service at Riviera was much better and the environment is much more welcoming.

    - Silva, D. / Mesa, AZ
  • Riviera Opticare is the best at what they do and make you feel right at home.

    - - Fred W. / Mesa, AZ