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Eye and Vision Exams

Eye and Vision Exams by Your Scottsdale and Mesa Optometrists

In an ideal world, people would never have any changes in their vision or be at any risk for eye diseases and disorders. But the eyes are delicate organs, and you need to stay on top of any changes that might be occurring in them at all times. Fortunately, here at Riviera Opticare we offer comprehensive eye exams and have the latest and greatest technologies to achieve this goal. Our Scottsdale and Mesa clinics can make sure your whole family benefits from skilled preventative eye care.

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Why Eye Exams are So Important

If you have a tendency to put off that next recommended eye exam -- don't! Those "routine" eye exams are more important than you might realize. Your vision may have gotten worse so subtly or gradually that you never even noticed the mild decline in your eyesight. You could even be suffering from an eye disease, as many have little to no symptoms at first. Glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and other disorders can cause irreversible damage even before you notice any symptoms of vision loss. That's why regularly-scheduled comprehensive eye exams are the smartest way you can ensure your eyes are in optimal working order.

Comprehensive Testing and Evaluation Techniques at Our Optometry Clinic

Any of the optometrists at our two offices can provide patients of all age with the right tests and evaluations for their stage of life and current vision challenges. Babies and small children should receive three major exams by the time they're ready to enter school. Older kids and adults should receive an eye exam at least every other year, or every year if we're treating a specific issue. Anyone over 40  invariably needs an annual eye exams to help detect eye diseases that tend to become a problem with age (such as macular degeneration and cataracts). A typical comprehensive eye exam at our clinic includes:

  • Close examination of the front of the eye using an instrument called a slit lamp
  • Retinal exams that allow us to see all the back of the eye with a dilation or retinal photos
  • Tonometry, a technique for measuring eye pressure and detecting potential glaucoma
  • Eye function tests that check your eyes' ability to work individually, together, and in coordination to read and process information
  • Vision tests that check your ability to read an eye chart and determine any corrective prescription you might require for distance, at the computer or up close for reading

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Remember, early detection is everything when it comes to protecting your eyesight. Call Riviera Opticare to schedule an eye exam in Scottsdale or Mesa today!

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