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Services Provided

  • *Comprehensive In-depth Eye Health and Vision evaluations
  • *Precision Accuracy on Glasses and Contact lens RX’s
  • *Comfortable and clear Contact lens prescribing
  • *Specialty Contact lens services for Keratoconus
  • *Specialty Contact lens services for Corneal Transplant patients
  • *Eye Infection, Allergy, Inflammation, Redness and Trauma evaluation and treatment
  • *Cataract Evaluations, monitoring and pre and post-operative care
  • *Glaucoma Evaluations, Treatment, and Monitoring
  • *Macula Degeneration Evaluations, Monitoring, and Nutritional Care
  • *Lasik evaluations and pre and post-operative care
  • *Dry Eye Evaluations, Treatment, and Monitoring
  • *Computer Vision Evaluations with Specialty Computer Eyewear Solutions
  • *Diabetic Comprehensive eye exams

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