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Computer Specific Eyewear

Computer Specific Eyewear Offered by Yout Optometrist in Mesa and Scottsdale

It’s the 21st century and screens have taken over our lives. Whether we’re working at the office, relaxing after a long day, or even just picking up the phone to make a call, digital screens are everywhere. Unfortunately, this is causing some serious problems for our eyes. The eye care specialists at Riviera Opticare Inc. are here to help.


Computer Vision Syndrome

The longer we stare at our screens, the more strain is put on our eyes. Since the pixels of a screen are not well defined, while staring at a screen our eyes involuntarily relax to what is called the resting point of accommodation (RPA). Our eyes then fight to refocus on those pixels until we can see them clearly again. After doing this for hours on end, symptoms such as eye fatigue, blurry vision, fluctuating vision, dryness, eye pain, eye muscle strain, and sensitivity to light tend to appear. Most of us just take it for granted that at the end of the day our eyes hurt, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Combating Eye Strain

The easiest way to put a stop to any screen related eye strain is to stop staring at our screens for so long every day. This can be as easy as spending ten to fifteen minutes every hour looking at something other than a screen. However, since many of us are either unwilling or unable to do that, computer glasses have been invented to help curb the onset of symptoms from computer vision syndrome. Computer glasses work by focusing the screen for you, so your eyes don’t have to strain themselves.

The lenses of computer glasses look identical to those of regular glasses, and can be placed into designer frames to fit anyone’s look. Treatments like tinting and anti-reflective coatings are often applied to the lenses of computer glasses to further enhance their protection. Tinting these lenses filters out some of the high frequency, or blue, light which enters the eyes, and the coating reduces glare.

Since computer glasses lenses come in different makes, from single vision  to bifocal, and even progressive lenses, consulting an optometrist may be the best choice for finding the perfect pair of computer glasses for you.

Get Yourself a Pair of Computer Glasses

Stop putting up with computer generated eye strain just because you’re accustomed to it. Call Riviera Opticare Inc. at (480)827-9184 in Mesa or at (480)991-6432 in Scottsdale today and schedule an appointment with one of our highly trained optometrists. 

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