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OCT Angio Machine

New Tools in The Fight Against Diabetes and Glaucoma

Along with the rest of the nation, Mesa and Scottsdale have seen a rise in diabetes and glaucoma diagnoses. Proper care can make a difference for each individual who faces these illnesses. Our practice at Riviera Opticare has invested in the latest optometry tools to help our customers. We want them to have the support they need in their healthcare. Recently, we achieved an important goal in acquiring the latest in optometric imaging. It is OCTA Imaging. We can use it to observe the condition of the eyes. It measures the health of the eye and detects early signs of Glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and other conditions. Treatment can begin as soon as possible.

Optometry Testing

We recognize that optometric testing is not always comfortable for some customers. We want to assure customers that any discomfort is fleeting and mild. The importance of testing is that it allows a clearer medical examination of the eye and its health. This technology is non-invasive. Testing is easier, and people are comfortable with it. We can diagnose diseases at the earliest possible stage. 

The OCT Angio Imaging

Several kinds of machines can perform retinal scanning that measures blood flow. The OCT or OCTA is a device we now have in our offices. The acronym stands for Optical Coherence Tomography and Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography. These are big words for a simple and quick test. The actual procedure takes less than three seconds. The record it provides is detailed images of the eye. Specialists can read these images the way they would an x-ray. It shows the health of the eye including blood flow, placement of the parts of the eye, and other information. These images include 3-D imaging and cross-sections at high resolutions. These allow for in-depth study and accurate, detailed diagnoses. 

What OCTA Imaging Does for You

It is difficult to view the inner workings of the eye. Using OCT Angiography, we can see the ocular layers and can take detailed pictures. They provide us with extensive knowledge about hidden conditions. Testing improves earlier diagnoses, and this can make a difference in the treatment of any ocular condition. It provides continual and current knowledge about a customer's condition, too.

We Can Help

Riviera Opticare has two optometry offices available for your convenience. We are in Mesa and Scottsdale, AZ. We'd be happy to discuss your eye healthcare needs with you. You'll see just how simple the OCT Angiography is for you. You'll have modern technology to support your eye health. Contact us today at (480) 827-9184 (Mesa) or (480) 991-6432 (Scottsdale). 

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