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Designer Frames in Scottsdale and Mesa, Arizona that offer protection

Our optometrists in Scottsdale and Mesa want to frame your face with the latest technologies in sunglasses and eye protection. We have a wide range of selections and designer brands to choose from, only adding to your choices. Your eyes deserve the best care, and our optometry services at Riviera Opticare include helping you select what type of sunglasses will work best for any occasion from casual, dressy, and sports (Golf, Biking, and Shooting). All of our safety eyewear meets ANSI standards. 

Designer Frames in Scottsdale and Mesa, Arizona that Offer Protection

What to Look for in Proper Eyewear

When the sun is shining and you find yourself squinting, it is time to cover your eyes with sunglasses that block out harmful UV rays and give you maximum protection while you’re outside. Many people suffer from light sensitivity outdoors, but everyone needs to protect their eyes from dangerous ultraviolet light. Our optometrists can detect exactly what your eye issues are and sunglasses can help relieve those issues and help maintain good eye health. 

At Riviera Opticare we offer the newest selection of designer shades to keep your eyes safe, while also looking trendy. Whether you need bifocals or prescription sunglasses, our optometrists will educate you on what best works for you! The sunglasses business is booming and several brands are top of the line and assured to protect your eyes from too much exposure. 

Protection in designer eyewear takes into account:

      • Blocking 100% of UV rays
      • The bigger the dark lens the better the coverage and protection
      • Correction Needed
      • Polarized lenses cut glare, not UV rays
      • Different colored lenses can enhance certain colors, making them best suited for golfing, biking, shooting or many other activities. Specific designer sunglasses that fall into the above categories: 
      • Ray-Ban
      • Smith
      • Oakley
      • Maui Jim
      • Kate Spade
      • Hugo Boss
      • Rudy Project
      • Fendi
      • BeBe
      • Prada

While our designer supply is large, the above are a few well-known brands you might consider when visiting our optometry center in Scottsdale or Mesa, AZ. High quality is what you get in designer frames which help protect your eye health. 

Riviera Opticare is Your Complete Vision Center

Brand sunglasses are not only for good appearance and beautifying your face, but they are also necessary to maintain good eye health. The top brands tend to cater to higher standards in their construction and design. A leading sunglass brand ensures that your vision is in compliance with your overall wellness plan. 

Don't skimp on your sunglasses! Call Riviera Opticare Inc. today to schedule a consultation with one of our optometrists. We'll ensure your outdoor activities will be safe and healthy for your lifelong vision and that you'll be at the top fo your game. You can call our Mesa location at 480-827-9184 or our Scottsdale office at 480-991-6432

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