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Polarized Glasses

Polarized Glasses

Riviera Opticare Inc. is your optometrist in Mesa, also serving Scottsdale and the surrounding areas in Arizona. This is the place to go for polarized glasses with your corrective prescription.


The History of Polaroid Glasses

In 1929, Edwin Land invented a new commercial material that he called “Polaroid.” He used the material to make polarizing filters for sunglasses that become popular. The company expanded into other ventures like its instant photography systems. 

In 2007, StyleMark acquired the use of the Polaroid brand names for glasses. StyleMark was bought by the Italian investment group called Safilo in 2011. In 2018, under the Polaroid brand name, the company launched a series called Heritage that is now very popular. These are new collections that take their inspiration from popular sunglasses from the past.

How does polarization work?

When bright light hits a flat horizontal surface, the rays are concentrated and reflected in a horizontal direction that the eyes see as glare. Regular sunglasses darken the brightness but do not remove the glare.

Polaroid glasses have a unique, striped pattern of UV light absorption layers so that the harmful rays of light do not pass and the horizontal rays are removed. Only the vertically-aligned light passes through. This is the light that is the most useful for seeing things.

Wearing Polaroid glasses on a bright day makes it significantly safer for the eyes because they are protected from harmful UV rays. When driving, the glare is removed so that seeing the road improves. Drivers see more clearly without being blinded by the bright glare.

Polarized Lens Construction

The polarized material is used to cover the center layer of the lens. This may be a clear layer or a corrective layer based on a person's needs.  This polarized material is covered by a material that serves as a UV filter to block out all harmful rays.

There may be a shock-absorbing layer, a mirrored layer, other layers, and the last one is a scratch-resistant layer. All these layers make up the finished lenses that are light, flexible, durable, and scratch-resistant.

Prescription Polarized Glasses

Polarized protection is available with corrective lenses so that you can have both the benefit of seeing more clearly with prescription lenses and the protection of the Polaroid filtration of harmful UV rays.

The reduced glare when wearing these glasses makes them more comfortable. This light filtration makes everything seem clearer with improved contrast.

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Protect your eyesight with polarized glasses from your optometrist in Mesa. There is also a convenient location in Scottsdale. Make an appointment for an eye exam and to get some new Polaroid lenses for your glasses.

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