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Protecting Your Child's Vision

Protecting Your Child's Vision

Protecting Your Child’s Vision

Parents care deeply for their children and want what is best for them. This involves watching out for your child’s vision and eye health. It is a good idea to schedule annual exams with an Optometrist. If you are looking for the Best Optometrists in Mesa , Az or Scottsdale , Az , visit us at Riviera Opticare.

Protecting Your Child's Vision

What Parents Need to Watch for

One sign parents should look out for is your child complaining about blurry vision. Blurry vision can come from a number of focusing disorders or eye diseases. It is a good idea to schedule an eye exam if you see your child is complaining of blurred vision or squinting or if either parent needs glasses, their child  might too.

The Importance of Timely Eye Care

If you don’t address vision issues with glasses or other eye  health issues with appropriate solutions, the problems could get worse over time. For example, children who should be wearing glasses but don’t may be more likely to suffer eyestrain. This could contribute to headaches and other issues such as compromising their learning and school work. An eye exam with an Optometrist checks for focusing disorders of vision causing blurred vision,  muscle disorders or the eyes not working together (called Strabismus) , dry eye disorders, allergies of the eyes, and infections in the eyes.

Your child should get annual eye exams to ensure proper function of the eyes before starting school. It is wise to search for an  “eye doctor near me” so you won’t let your child struggle needlessly with vison problems.

Finding the “ Best Optometrists In Mesa “ or “ Best Optometrist in Scottsdale “ Arizona

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  • My Internal Medicine Doctor recommended Dr. Susan Reckell for my eye care. After a very extensive first eye exam with the doctor, I spent time with the eye care specialist who did not rush me and helped me choose a great pair of glasses within my budget. Highly recommend.

    - Hughes, S. / Scottsdale, AZ
  • Love love love Riviera!!!!! I had the most fun experience ever for an eye exam and contact lens fitting....who knew? Been a customer for a few years and not going anywhere else!!!!!

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  • I have been going to Riviera Optic for my eye care and glasses needs for the last 15 years. There commitment towards client satisfaction has consistently exceeded expectations year after year. I always receive comments on my glasses about how great they look on me, I couldn't have done this without the help from their talented staff guiding me with frame selection.

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  • I've always gone to big box eye care centers. Not anymore, the service at Riviera was much better and the environment is much more welcoming.

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